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Hello gracious reader and welcome to my blog!

Are you overwhelmed by the confusing amount of information offering that ever elusive good health, ideal weight, limitless energy and a sound night’s sleep? You are not alone! What I do know is this. It’s all about food! Well, food and a few carefully chosen supplements. Ok, food, a few supplements and exercise. Maybe food, a few supplements, exercise and juicing. Now you see where the freak comes in! My name is Tonya Gonzales and I am a freak. Mostly about food, food quality, health in general, health specifically, cooking, not cooking (raw foods), juicing, exercise of all kinds…My education includes a degree in Restaurant and Hospitality Management, a BSc in Holistic Nutrition and various certifications in healthy eating principles, nutraceuticals, fitness and yoga. I just ran my first ever 5ok on some awesome trails, write health articles for a local magazine and moonlight part-time in a from scratch kitchen as a cook!

So, what’s going on with YOU? What kind of challenges are you facing? Let me show you how the healing powers of food, exercise, a few quality supplements and therapeutic grade essential oils can change your life!

Suggestions, ideas and comments are always welcome. Email me anytime: foodfreaktonya@gmail.com to set up your personal session!

Stay Vibrant!

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