Stop! Don’t Eat That!

Stop! Don’t eat that! I’m embarrassed to say that you hear this phrase a lot at my house. With a 15-year old son still at home and a husband you who isn’t always compliant with my food freakiness, they tend to slip a few things by. For instance, last night, the two of them went to gas up Courtney’s car ( she’s one of the five) and came home with fudgsicles. Really? I swear, I just had this conversation, seven minutes earlier, with my congested husband, that he refrain from any dairy for a minute. And here he was halfway through his bar. Ugh!

If I can’t get through to my nearest and dearest, how I am  going to get through to any one else? Then I remember. Oh, yeah, It’s not MY responsibility to MAKE anyone do anything. I’m just the messenger. The teacher. I share information with dozens of people a day. Some take something away from it and actually apply it while others come to me again and again asking and wondering about the same old things.

But here is something that is quite serious that everyone who is in charge of feeding themselves or their family should pay attention to. It’s genetically modified food and crops: corn, soybeans, canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, most Hawaiian papaya and a small amount of zucchini and squash. Genetically modified organisms are made by forcing genes from one species such as bacteria, viruses, (and in Monsanto’s case, their herbicide, Roundup), into the DNA of a food crop or animal to introduce a new trait and which have never been in the food supply. The majority of processed food on the shelves at your local supermarket are filled with them and have been as far back as 1966. Why should you care about what these biotech companies and manufacturers do to your food?  I’m sorry. Did I say food? I meant Frankenfood. Nothing that comes from a manufacturing plant resembles real food. And if Monsanto’s altered foods are harmless, why are they paying millions of dollars to avoid labeling their products containing GMO’s? Because they don’t want you to know they’ve put profit before people. They don’t want you to know that they are poisoning you. Monsanto’s “improving agriculture, improving lives” has backfired miserably. Would you call increased pesticide use and lower yields successful? How about the near 125,000 farmers in India who committed suicide due to crop failure and massive debt since planting GM cotton?  It’s not just processed food you have to look out for. It’s conventional dairy with their GM bovine growth hormone (look for no rBGH or no artificial hormones on label). It’s factory farmed meat and poultry fattened up with good ‘ol GMO grains. A recent scientific study showed that 70% of the female rats and 50% of the male rats that were fed a GMO diet, died prematurely.

We are supposed to be the smartest nation on the planet. Why then do countries like Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, parts of Australia, Europe and dozens of others ban GMO’s? Because the people have voted with their forks and their dollars. For the voting population in California that has the labeling GMO bill coming up, please vote yes on Prop 37. The rest of the country is watching you and maybe I can say, “Stop! Don’t Eat That”, a little less.

             Avoid these companies!

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